How to Measure Your Windows

Bob measuring

If you want help call me on 0800 783 7001 and ask for Bob.

You’ll need a tape measure!

Tell us your measurements in centimetres (cm) to the nearest 0.1cm!

Look out for window handles (the thing you use to open and shut your window) and ties. Keep them in mind when measuring to make sure you get a good fit.

There are two types of measurement to take. It depends on whether you want your blind to hang outside of the window recess, or inside.

(The window recess is the alcove your window sits in. You probably use the space as a shelf)

Supply us with your measurements and will make your blind the perfect fit.

recess measurement

Getting your recess measurement

First, Measure from one wall of the recess to the other wall. Try measuring it in a few different places and tells us the shortest measurement, as this is the one we’ll use.

Next, Measure from the ceiling of the recess down to the window sill. Again, try it in a few different places and let us know the shortest measurement.

We take into account your blind measurement and how it will fit into the space, so just let us know the wall measurements.

Getting measurements for blinds hanging outside the recess (Exact measurement)


First, work out where you’d like your blind to hang and measure the width.

Next, work out the drop. This goes from the top of where you want your blind to the bottom.

Important note: When measuring for Roller blinds we have to allow for fittings at either end of the blind, as there is no headrail. This means the actual fabric is approximately 2.8cm less for an exact measurement and 3.3cm less for a recess measurement. You don't need to make this adjustment, we do.

Getting measurements for Louvres

(Louvres are the sections of fabric which make up a vertical blind)

Tell us the exact length measurement of one your current louvres.

If you’re having any problems measuring, give us a call on 0800 783 7001. We’d love to help you get it right!