Bathroom Blinds

Walk into a bathroom and you are sure to see a roller blind. They are practical, cheap and perfect for adding simple style. They are easy to operate and a quick fix solution for any window. Explore our superb range of Roller Blinds and select from nearly two hundred fabrics.

Looking for something more stylish?

Bathrooms are not the first place we think about when styling our home. We often stuff them with essential basics and add a blind as an afterthought. At Bob the Blindman we love bathrooms and want to help you create another beautiful room to wow your guests. Try something from our printed range to complement your existing decor or add a pleasant pattern to introduce a fresh look.

Bathroom blinds need to last through regular damp periods. Steam from showers, baths and sinks can leave many blinds wet and over time creates mould. Because of this, we have sourced the finest PVC material so your blinds can stay fresh and attractive. Our PVC range is fantastic when you have a nearby shower. They will keep the spray off and make cleaning simple.

Going for a classic look? We stock a wide selection of neutral, cream and white shades to complement traditional colour baths and basins.

For those dedicated to making their bathroom special, our Aluminium Venetian Blinds are perfect. They come in hundreds of colours and finishes and are fantastic for breathing new life into an old bathroom. They can be wiped clean, do not absorb water and never rust, making them an ideal option for lasting through regular periods of damp. They also look stunning and offer a touch of quality to the window place.

As every bathroom is unique we make sure to stock a big selection of blinds. We have nearly 200 fabrics including suede and leather-look fabrics as well as a superb selection of prints.

Explore our large range of bathroom window blinds

We are blind specialists and love to help. Why not give us a call on 0800 783 7001? We have years of experience in helping people choose the best blinds for their bathroom and we will be really pleased to take your call.

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