Child safety has always been a big concern for Bob and so he has invested in new machinery to produce “Safe by Design Blinds.”

Since starting out, Bob the Blindman has been concerned with the safety of his customers and their families. He believes that child safety matters and so he always offers safety devices at the time he fits as well as afterwards.

What kind of devices are offered?

There are cleats, which are plastic secured to a wall which the cord wraps around (just like when you wrap up a vacuum cord after use). Fixed cord or ball chain tension pulleys mean that the cords are fixed at another spot to ensure they can’t get tangled. P-clips work in much the same way, though they are slightly less smooth to operate.

After much media interest in the subject of the danger of blind cords, regulations were introduced in early 2014 to make sure risks would be largely reduced. Looped cords on vertical blinds were seen as possible danger and so measures were suggested to solve the dangers.

To comply with the regulations and make sure that each blind dealt with is child friendly, Bob invested his earnings in new machinery to create “Safe by Design” blinds.

Safe by Design blinds are fully compliant with BS EN 1320 regulations and Bob is a fully certified manufacturer of all types of blinds. Any blinds sourced, are bought from fully compliant and certified manufacturers.

Bob also trains his staff to install the devices and makes sure they are up to date on regulations affecting the industry.

The Safe by Design features offer various fitting and alternations as standard. Vertical blinds, for instance, are fitted with a wand control and have special tidy cords and chains. On Roller blinds, where the chain hangs at either side of the blind, the chain is an ‘easy break’ design meaning that more force than 7 pounds will cause the chain to snap. This means you will never snap the cord while operating, but minimal forceful pulling will cause it to break. There are also cord tidy fixers on the wall for the cord to be secured around.

If you are concerned about safety and want a free safety check then give Bob a call on 0800 7837001. If he is not around, ask for him or speak to another member of staff. They will advise you on ensuring that your blinds are safe and can arrange to fit fully compliant safety devices at a reasonable price.