For a really classy finish to your windows, plantations shutters are a fantastic, modern choice of window dressing. The benefits they offer really make them a hard choice to beat in my opinion.

One of the key plus points with plantation shutters is that they are hugely flexible as they will allow you to subdivide your glass areas and to individually control the light which comes in.

So for example if your window faces the street, you can keep the lower portion closed for added privacy but open up the top portion to allow the natural light to flood through, a real bonus which is hard to find with other types of window covering.

Plantation shutters also will give you another layer of soundproofing and insulation and they are great at adding a perceived extra level of home security.

You will also love how easy they are to maintain and to clean. Unlike curtains which can be real dust traps, plantation shutters can be kept dust free by a quick wipe and we can even treat the wood with an anti-bacterial coating to keep your home really fresh and clean.Brilliant for any households where there are allergy sufferers.

What I also particularly like about these shutters is that they are so diverse. Firstly they come in all kinds of colours, frame sizes and slat widths so can be effortlessly integrated in any design scheme but secondly they are a fabulous choice for all kinds of window type.

For a Georgian period property for example a full height plantation shutter style works beautifully. Where privacy is an issue a tier on tier design works well and if you need to be able to fully expose the glass at any time for example where you are using shutters as a room divider, then bi fold and by pass styles can be used to stunning effect.

At Bob The Blindman we pride ourselves in installing only the very best plantation shutters available and will not compromise on a the quality of the product just to reach a price point.

Plantation shutters are an investment, they bring a luxurious look to any room and have the WOW factor. Really no window is unsuitable for plantation shutters and we can even create bespoke shutters for all kinds of irregular shapes, angles and curves.

What’s more plantation shutters are very highly regarded by prospective house hunters, so they are a wonderful investment in the long term value of your home.

If you would like to find out more about plantation shutters, my team and I would be delighted to welcome you into the shop to discuss your particular requirements. We have been serving the Shropshire community for many years now; measuring and fitting local windows and helping you to choose the right window coverings for your style and era of home is what we love to do!

Here at Bob the Blindman we offer free advice, free measuring and free fitting. All of our blinds are child safe by design and we pride ourselves on our excellent turnaround times.

For more information about Plantation Shutters or any of our products please contact Bob or one of his team on 0800 7837001