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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds


Our great range of Vertical blinds is available in a wide range of colours and fabrics; all of the louvres are 89mm wide. Vertical blinds provide you with privacy when closed but can be opened just like your curtains! They are today’s modern alternative to curtains.

Fabric / Colour Choice: Available in nearly 400 colours and patterns
Louvre Widths: 89mm louvre widths available
Control Options: Choose the side you want to control your blind, left or right. Then choose how you want your blind to bunch: to the left, right, or split in the middle
Cleaning: Selected fabrics are machine washable. Others can be washed by hand.
What Room? Ideal throughout the home, particularly patio doors, conservatories, lounges and bay windows. Vertical window blinds are useful for very large windows.
Minimum Width: 25cm
Maximum Width: 500cm
Maximum Drop: 400cm

Vertical Blinds - high quality window blinds for your home

Why vertical blinds from Bob The Blindman?

Vertical blinds have two controls. One allows the blind louvres to be tilted to the left or the right. So you can block out the light out, let it in, or filter it by tilting the louvres to an angle. The other one lets you pull the louvres fully back, either to the left or the right; they can even split in the centre like a pair of curtains.

As our blinds are made-to-measure just let us know which side you would like each of your controls.

Our range provides you with colours, textures and patterns to suit every room and every budget! and you will find plain and simple patterns and textures.  They are excellent value for money

Our fantastic range of Vertical blinds is ideal for controlling the amount of light coming into any room. They provide privacy when closed, a clear view of the outside world when the blind is pulled back, and can be used to filter the light when tilted at an angle. They offer a high degree of privacy and security as they can allow you to see out but people not to see in.

Vertical blinds are best suited to windows or patio doors that are wider than they are tall. Our range of made to measure Vertical blinds come in an array of colours ranging from creams and whites through to pinks/ reds, blues, lilacs, greens, peaches and metallic blind shades. Our Vertical blinds are made to measure to any size to meet your requirements anddelivered FREE