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Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds give a clean-cut contemporary finish to any room.  When raised the blind has a soft layered pleat effect and each blind is fully lined to maximise warmth, privacy and light control.

We also offer some of our Roman blinds as an unlined option; they are modern, stylish and economical, simply perfect for decorative window treatments where diffused light control is required.  This unlined value for money version of the popular Roman blind is soft in appearance and adds a contemporary feel to any room in your home.

Fabric / Colour Choice: Available in over 120 colours and patterns including faux silks and furs, plus exciting stripes, polka dots and floral prints.
Lining Options: On some fabrics you can choose a blackout-lining, perfect for bedrooms.
Headrail: We only use the very best headrail system, we don’t believe in using wooden battens or similar to fit a luxury blind such as a roman blind.
Control Options: You choose the side you want to control your blind left or right.
Cleaning: Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to gently remove any dust or dirt.
What Room? To create an elegant feel to any room, roman blinds are the answer. Perfect blind for the lounge, dining room and bedroom. Go on spoil yourself!
Minimum Width: 35mm
Maximum Width 130cm without a join, 250cm with a join

Roman Blinds - high quality window blinds for your home

Every Roman Blind has a cord that raises and lowers the position of the blind; this is secured to a cleat that should be fixed to the window frame or wall.  To clean your Roman blind gently remove any dust with a vacuum cleaner.

Take a look at our Roman blind collection; we are sure you will find the right blind for you.  To make it easy we have divided our range into three groups:

Great - If you are looking for a lightweight printed Roman blind or a plain or subtle design and excellent value for money you will find one in this section
Better - Here you will find some beautiful fabrics with designs woven in as well as plain fabrics in a wide choice of colours and printed designs on heavier weight fabric.
Best - If you’re looking for a more heavyweight fabric for example our faux suede blinds, a blackout blind or one with dim out properties you will find them in this range.

Roman blinds will add warmth and sophistication to your home. Our Roman blinds are fully-lined and in soft fabrics that give a luxurious feel to your windows, and are ideal if you are looking for a modern alternative to curtains.  Roman blinds have the ability to transform any window in any situation and with the option of a blackout lining on certain fabrics, which will add another dimension as to how you can use your Romans in your bedroom.

We offer a large colour range of blues, greens, lilacs, natural and earth shades, peaches, pinks, oranges and reds, whites and yellows. Our Roman blinds are made to measure to any size to meet your requirements.