Bob the Blindman

Purple / Lilac Roller Blinds

Purples & Lilacs

Practical, versatile and functional, a roller blind is the perfect choice for any home

Shaped Bottoms: Choose from 8 different styles of shapes to finish your blind, some can include a pole.
Control Options: All of our blinds come with a sidewinder mechanism on the left or right of the blind, you choose. Also you have a choice of either brown or white chain and brackets to complement your window frame colour.
Cleaning: Just wipe clean.
Personalise your Blind: With a shaped bottom and a choice from our range of poles, eyelets, braids and trims.
Minimum Width: 20cm
Maximum Width: each individual fabric has its own size restrictions so check each fabric’s specification.

Choose from our selection of purple and lilac roller blinds, available in a variety of shades and patterns.