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PVC Roller Blinds Easiwipe

PVC Roller Blinds Easiwipe

Looking for a blind that likes getting wet and messy?

A great range of PVC blinds that are easy to keep clean, and are especially good for wet rooms or staem rooms. These blinds are virtually indestructable, most marks will just wipe off and condesation does not affect the blind.

The beauty of easiwipe is in the name they are easy to wipe clean and thrive in wet rooms and damp places so kitchens and bathrooms are no problem.

100% pvc they come in a range of colours and patterns and there is sure to be one that suits all rooms, they are all 100% blackout and that means they are great for bedrooms.

Easiwipe is available as a roller and a vertical option and all at our great low prices. A stylish range of fabrics that offer you protection against lifes little dramas!

Special Introductory offer save upto 60% on all options and remember its FREE DELIVERY on all orders