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Blackout Greens


Blackout Roller Blinds for your home from Bob the Blindman - Practical, versatile and functional, blackout roller blinds are ideal where darkness is required perhaps to block out street lighting or early morning sun: sleep well!

Fabric / Colour Choice: A varied selection of patterns and colours to choose from, the ‘blackout’ effect is achieved by an opaque plastic bonded to the blind’s fabric. Unless specifically requested otherwise, we supply the blind with the décor fabric facing into the room, and with the fabric unrolling on the side of the roller that is away from the window, so that you only see the fabric side, not see the white material.
Control Options: All of our blinds come with a sidewinder mechanism on the left or right of the blind, you choose. Also you have a choice of either brown or white chain and brackets to complement your window frame colour.
Bottoms: All have a straight bottom
Cleaning: Just wipe clean.
What Room? Usually for bedrooms, but can be installed anywhere
Minimum Width: 20cm
Maximum Width: Each individual fabric has its own size restrictions so check each fabric’s specification.

Blackout Roller Blinds - high quality roller blinds for your home