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Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout Roller Blinds for your home from Bob the Blindman - Practical, versatile and functional, blackout roller blinds are ideal where darkness is required perhaps to block out street lighting or early morning sun: sleep well!

Fabric / Colour Choice: A varied selection of patterns and colours to choose from, the ‘blackout’ effect is achieved by an opaque plastic bonded to the blind’s fabric. Unless specifically requested otherwise, we supply the blind with the décor fabric facing into the room, and with the fabric unrolling on the side of the roller that is away from the window, so that you only see the fabric side, not see the white material.
Control Options: All of our blinds come with a sidewinder mechanism on the left or right of the blind, you choose. Also you have a choice of either brown or white chain and brackets to complement your window frame colour.
Bottoms: All have a straight bottom
Cleaning: Just wipe clean.
What Room? Usually for bedrooms, but can be installed anywhere
Minimum Width: 20cm
Maximum Width: Each individual fabric has its own size restrictions so check each fabric’s specification.

Blackout Roller Blinds - high quality roller blinds for your home

Every person that works on a shift rota will know the difficulties of not being able to sleep in the early evening during the summer months when they need to get up in the middle of the night in order to start an early morning shift. At the other end of the scale there are the night workers who arrive home at about 8 am and then try to go to sleep. Drawing the curtains doesn't help much – there's always that chink of light that comes in through the middle where the curtains meet.

Bob the Blindman has the answer to these problems. We now stock a fantastic range of Blackout Blinds that will keep every bedroom totally dark. This will assist in the quality of sleep of every person who is a shift worker. In addition to keeping the room dark the blackout blinds have a useful bonus in keeping the room cooler which can also help those people who have difficult sleep and work patterns.

Our blackout blinds are available in a wide selection of colours and the blackout is achieved by the bonding of a self-coloured material to the reverse of the blind. There are many different colours and patterns of fabric available for you to make your choice. The only measurement needed for us to create the perfect blind is for you to measure the window – either inside which is the exact size of the window or to the wall either size of the window which will allow the blind to completely cover the window. Whichever way you prefer for your blackout blinds, once the measurement has been taken and entered onto the details online that will then show a price for the blind. This price is the final price you will pay as we don't make any charge for delivering your blind. All of our blinds are extremely easy to fit and by looking through our online store you will be able to see the easy instructions.

We will be delighted to speak with those customers who prefer to talk to a real person at any stage during the ordering or buying process. Please call us during business hours and we will be pleased to clarify any queries. If it is easier please complete the email in our catalogue and we will be happy to respond either by email or by phone if you leave your number. We really do look forward to hearing from you.

Nursery Blinds

As much as we love our babies and toddlers any help we can give to encourage them to sleep a little more is a bonus for everyone. Keeping the room darker in the bright summer mornings and evenings can help give the little ones the hours of sleep essential for their well-being. We are sure that you'll agree that we have a wonderful selection of blinds that have a blackout effect; these are created by bonding an opaque self-coloured backing to the fabric chosen for the blind. This also assists in keeping the room cooler during the day. Whichever fabric you decide is ideal for your nursery blind we take the safety of all children extremely seriously. All of our nursery blinds are supplied with a FREE Safety Kit to ensure peace of mind.

We have a great choice of colours in our Bella range and every blind is supplied with a sidewinder mechanism for either the left or right side of the blind and brackets in either brown or white. The only measurements needed for your new nursery blind is the size of the window itself. Our on-line measuring guide is available to assist you. Look though our terrific online store which will give many ideas for your home.

As all of ourblinds are supplied direct to you, the customer, we are able to cut out many of the normal costs experienced by other companies. We aim to make everything as straightforward as possible and we want you to return to us and recommend us to your friends. If you have any queries at all, please phone us and we will be delighted to assist you. We want you to be happy with every blind you purchase from us so please call us if you are concerned, or not sure about anything. We spend every day talking about, handling and working with blinds, so we will be able to clarify every issue.

Another bonus is that all of our blinds are delivered at no extra cost to you. So the price shown for your nursery blind is the total price to be paid. We look forward to receiving your first order - and we hope that after receiving it, you'll come back again.

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