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Lounges are the best room in the home, its where we relax the most, we watch television, we read books, we sew or knit, we play with our children and pets and if you are lucky it’s where we cuddle the ones we love on the sofa! But do we want the world looking in on us?  Good lounge blinds can solve all your privacy problems.

Lounges tend to be at the front of the house and therefore we need to have some privacy as well as not blocking light and views.  There are a variety of blinds you can choose from to ideally suit your purpose - but which one?

Practical luxurious lounge window blinds

Vertical blinds offer a versatile way to filter the light into your home. When closed they provide privacy and protect carpets and furniture from the sun. When set at an angle they combine both privacy and protection, or you can pull them back for an uninterrupted view of the world outside. They are a smart addition behind curtains and they can look great just on their own. We sell more verticals than any other blind so why not browse the selection of patterns and colours and get inspired!

Also for a real touch of luxury why not have a look at the Roman blinds.  They add a certain feel to a room making it warm and inviting. You can use them instead of curtains to give the room a fully dressed look with a real touch of luxury and they look great in bay windows.

Go on make the room the view with Bob The Blindman.


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