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Blinds for my kitchen

Roller blinds are functional and will add a touch of colour to your kitchen. They are easy to clean and allow you to diffuse the light without shutting out the view. We have a huge range of fabrics and colours, which includes the more traditional patterns through to the most modern bright and funky stripes.  For a simple but effective look to your room why not choose a plain fabric with a nice shaped bottom!  Our café style finishes allow you to choose a pole that matches your décor in wood or metal.

Natural kitchen window blinds

For something completely different why not have a look at our range of Woodweave blinds, they bring a touch of nature into the room.  Our Woodweave blinds are made from a wide range of natural renewable materials, including bamboo, jute and poplar wood, they are great for providing shade but allowing soft diffused light to gently filter into the room. 

Kitchen Blinds

Anyone looking for new kitchen blinds will be delighted by our extensive selection in different styles and fabrics and which will complement any range of kitchen units. Choose from Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds or consider our new range of Woodweave blinds that are made from renewable resources and which are available in jute and bamboo and other natural woods. We have a brilliant online store for you to browse through to choose which ever style of blind you feel is appropriate for your kitchen.

Many times when people decide to spend money on improving their kitchen with new blinds they then decide to take matters further. This can be by changing the kitchen unit doors and replacing the old work surface. This can be a good alternative to spending the huge amount which is usually necessary to completely refit a kitchen.

A good starting point is by choosing a colour palette for cupboard doors and work surfaces. New kitchen blinds can then bring the whole look together. We have a fantastic selection of different styles, which together with the many bright colours and patterns of fabric available can complete the final transformation of the kitchen, which is probably the most used room in the house.

Another suggestion for those people who are on an even smaller budget is to plan things gradually. Start by fitting new kitchen blinds which will brighten the room and immediately make it feel fresh and clean. As a little more money becomes available new cupboard doors and work surface can be bought which will complete the look.

Whatever the decision and whether or not new kitchen units or doors are required, kitchen blinds are a perfect choice for any home. We have a selection in wipe-clean PVC which is useful in a room where cleanliness is essential. Our brilliant selection of Aluminium Venetian blinds is also extremely easy to maintain and the amount of light coming in to the kitchen can also be regulated.

The price you pay for your new blinds is regulated by the size of the window and the style of blind chosen. Once those decisions have been made the price shown is the price paid. There is no delivery charge at all. Anyone wishing for some advice or to discuss their choice of blinds is welcome to ring us during the working day. Alternatively if you prefer you can email us with your questions or ask us to call you. We live and breathe blinds and whilst we appreciate that most other people don't – we're only too delighted to be able to talk about them! We want you to be pleased with your choice of blinds and the low prices which we can achieve by you undertaking the easy job of fitting the blinds. If you are happy you're then likely to recommend us to your family and friends allowing us to continue selling a product and service of which we are extremely proud. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Yes that’s right we won’t charge you anything just to deliver your new blinds. No minimum order, you can order one or a hundred and it won’t cost you a single penny.  Welcome to Bob The Blindman, it’s that simple!


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