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 Design Tips for Choosing the Right Blinds


There are many ways that you can add elegance and beauty to the interior of your home, but one of the best methods is with fabulous window treatments. With the multitude of options available, the perfect window blinds will give a somewhat drab living space an instant makeover! Bob the Blindman is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of custom made to measure blinds, with a variety of styles, designs and colours to improve the decor of any home.
There are two major factors to take into account when choosing new window treatments. To begin with, consider your individual style. Your window treatments are one of the most visible features in a room, and if you're not 100% comfortable with how they look, you will discover that you are unable to relax in that particular area. For example, someone with more conservative taste should opt for a traditional or classic style of blind, whereas an individual whose personality is more outgoing or edgy would prefer something a little out of the ordinary. Next, think about overall decor of the room. While you may be tempted to mix things up a little in terms of style, this can sometimes start to look rather busy or mis-matched. One of the main purposes of window treatments is to tie the room together, providing a backdrop for your furnishings. Therefore, it's extremely beneficial to take your cues from the existing decor.
The days of plain white or cream window coverings are very much behind us. Today, you can find a fabulous blind in practically every colour of the spectrum. If you are considering a brightly coloured blind, it's a good idea to match an existing colour in the room, whether it's a shade picked out from a design on a rug or maybe a piece of artwork. This will create a certain 'flow' that is extremely appealing to the eye. Remember that while a darker colour offers a feeling of warmth and coziness, in some cases, it can also overwhelm a small room, making it appear even smaller. If you already have items in the room that command attention, such as brightly coloured furniture or elaborate accessories, consider a neutral tone for the window treatment.
Blinds, as opposed to traditional curtains, are the perfect way of offering privacy while filtering the amount of light into a room. This is ideal for a living room or bedroom, where natural light is preferable during the daytime, but the individual still wants a certain amount of privacy. It is also beneficial during the summer months, allowing you to reduce the amount of sunshine that streams into your home. Certain rooms, such as a nursery, a toddler's bedroom or a home theatre area, sometimes require complete darkness, even during the daytime. This can be achieved by installing blackout blinds, which feature an opaque backing that blocks out even the strongest of light. They are also ideal if you work nights and have to sleep during the day, or you have an extremely bright streetlight near your window.
Prior to choosing your blinds, think about what type of material and style would be preferable. Wood blinds look fabulous if you have a rustic or 'cottage' decor, whereas roman blinds are highly decorative, and will add a touch of elegance to a formal living or dining room. In a kitchen or bathroom, always pick a window treatment that is waterproof and can be wiped down easily. In a humid environment such as this, wood is unsuitable, as it can warp. Very large windows or sliding doors would benefit from fabric vertical blinds, offering you an excellent view of the outdoors, while still filtering the light. In the case of patio doors, vertical blinds can be opened completely to one side or the other, allowing ease of movement between the interior and exterior. Metal venetian blinds offer clean, contemporary lines and are perfect for any room in the home.
Older homes used to feature windows that were considered an 'industry standard' size, but these days the majority of windows are custom built. Due to this, most reputable window blind manufacturers offer a tailor made service. At Bob the Blindman, we are able to cater to your individual measurements, creating custom window coverings at a very cost-effective price. Our online site is extremely easy to navigate, and offers a multitude of top quality blinds in various styles, colours and materials. If you are uncertain about which blind would be most suitable for your particular requirements, feel free to contact one of our expert customer support staff, and we will be able to advise you. If your windows are too complex to describe via telephone, simply send us a picture - it's that easy! With no minimum order, free delivery and a guarantee of superior quality, purchasing your window treatments from Bob the Blindman will be a simple, enjoyable process from start to finish.

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